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Clients from hell!

2010-02-27 07:14:24 by GraphicDude

This goes out to all the people in the creative bussiness who are brutally abused by stupid clients and evil deadlines! But are not alone!

GraphicDude's Brute army!

2010-02-27 07:04:51 by GraphicDude

Hey Everybody!

If anyone of you is interested in becoming one of my pupils on "MyBrute"...
here is my Brute adress:

Feel free to join my Army and overtake the world! Muahahahahaha! :)

Thank God it's Friday!

2010-01-29 12:35:06 by GraphicDude

What a powerlevel went down to zero! I more annoying client telephone call, or a "we should rework on this" or "Urgent! I need two Ads and deadline in that magazine is in about one hour!" - E-Mail and I would have killed somebody!

I wish you guys a nice, relaxing weekend! fCjk